January 13, 2012

If I came this way, if I went that way, if I took that turn instead of the other, if I said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.
Where would I be. Who would I be. What would I be if I took the other path?
I wish I didn’t say that, I wish I could be there, i wish I could do that.
I will be organised, I will do that, I will be there.
I don’t know what will happen, should I stay?
What is she thinking?
I want to be here, I want to be there.

Lost, never really on a clear path. How can life be that clear? There are too many questions, even once you think you have answered them all and are contempt with them, the same core questions will again rise, but in a slightly altered state. Lost isn’t necessarily negative, questions do not always need to have an end. Life is being lost, but within being lost you discover. Instead of trying to grasp and answer the questions that send you to the unknown, take a step into what is unknown, challenge yourself.




May 31, 2011


Having that feeling of being completely one with yourself and another, their very presence sends a feeling as though you are naked in a forest, with all the trees, the dampness, the green, the air, and the wind slightly pressing against your body. You feel comfortable, you feel as though this is meant to be. This is right.
Auras combine. They dance with each other under the night sky, they flirt with each other, tease one another, and form into one.
When touched, the vibrations and meaning are easily seen floating around you. When looking into the other, you can see their thoughts, as though it were a picture book, each image as intricate and beautiful as the next.

You ascend beyond the physical world, holding hands you float away to another world, together, all is right, all is calm, all is comfortable, all is right.

Cone Realm ft. Gifted & Blessed- Afta-1


May 31, 2011

Go back to your basic instincts; live, love, be one with all.
Why separate yourself from what you are breathing, what you are living in, what is you?
Take a look, take a dive into what you are feeling, how you are feeling and what caused that feeling.
Ask why that tightness in your chest is there.

Look to yourself, love yourself, that’s where you will learn the most

Seekae- Blood Bank

Stranger Things

July 23, 2010

Open your mind and relax,

let me take you to another dimension.

Just let me, dont hide away.

Let go of the past, whats done is done.

Let me take you to my dimension

Lisa Bonet- Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

One stool

July 15, 2010

Escape from it all, let your mind become a haze, a new journey in which the world as you see it becomes a circus, or a movie, a dramatic movie.
Find out things in which will remain in the night, do things in which will remain in the night.
Let out your true feelings, expand them, exploit them, destroy them.

Cards & Quaters- Local Natives


July 3, 2010

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The Light That Failed DJ set- 7pm to 8pm.

Starting off the night, would love to see you there.

Oceans- Indian Jewelry

Waiting to be changed.

June 23, 2010

Alienated from what I truly am, I see the world as a fear. I see death as a fear.
Instead of seeing the world as apart of myself I see it as a use, a tool to exploit. I find creatures that do not look alike, and treat them as inferior to what I am. I use them to benefit myself.

I set up rules in which to control others, rules in which I can control and exploit. I place a fake world, a fake god, and a fake hope in front of peoples eyes and then set them out.
Death is also a tool in which to control. Set as a fear.

I am not from this world, I am living in a fake alternative. A mask of what really is.

Nature is me, I am nature.

Cold As Ice- Atlas Sound

Because, the wind is high.

June 21, 2010

I am mesmerized.

You are all that is on my mind.
What’s on your mind?

In the Process of Leaving- E Vax


June 7, 2010

A bag of cash sits in front of me. glowing at me, tempting me to go and grab it.

I take the bait, I lean down to claim my prize but I notice in surprise that it jumps in front of me. I take a step forward and lean down again, and yet again, the bag of money jumps in front of me. Again, again, and yet again the same action occurs. I start to tire, I even start to become bored, there is no excitement in this. But the bag is so tempting, it’s basically become addictive. I need to have it, so I continue. With my mouth-watering, but with no real enjoyment out of it.  It is the only thing I concentrate on, getting that bag of money, but it still continues to be that one step away from me.

Suddenly, I stop. Finally, I have given up. I look behind me to see thousands upon thousands of others who are going for that same bag, with the same face of need as I had when chasing after it. I stop to look at the left and right of me. Forests, grass, sun. And I look where the bag was heading, grey, black, dark. I then look at myself, aged and depressed. 40 years I have been chasing this bag.

I have been cheated.

I have been lied to.


June 1, 2010

Inclosed by walls, with only one path to go in, a sign with bright flashing lights above me saying ‘success’.
Concrete, smoke, skyscrapers and men in suits are in front.
Feeling is lost, production is a must. Care is gone.
This is life, this is what we have been led up to. This is success.
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to go
I’m waiting to be changed.

UK- Burial