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Comfort me

March 28, 2010


It’s interesting to see how people change when they are put in a different social environment. Not all people do, but most do, in one way or another. The need to fit in with your surroundings and how people perceive you is on everyone’s mind, my own included. It’s more of an instinct these days.

What’s sad is when one takes it to another level and starts being consumed by it all. It’s now ‘not cool’ to do this, or go there, so on. The worst aspect I think is when you distance yourself from your true friends in order to keep that ‘coolness’ apart of you. You distance yourself from your real self into a fake alternative, just so that you will be accepted within the new environment. That is something that is sad.

Ray Ray- Fat Freddy’s Drop



March 23, 2010

I need to get out of here.

Vacuum Boogie- Floating Points


March 21, 2010

Never believe something  just because you have been told that it is so.

There is always another side to the story, always. The news especially loves to focus on only one side of things, the side which is most appealing to the public, the side in which the most ratings will occur.

The news itself is more so about ratings rather than telling actual news of importance. A perfect example of this would be instead of saying something that might be of importance or expanding the time on an important event that has happened ect, the news spends at least 15 minutes updating on sport. that’s a quarter of the news on sport. Not to say that sport should not be apart of the news but just maybe less emphasised as current events about what is happening around the world and nationally I belive are of much more importance rather than someone kicking a ball into a net.

Also this is not to say that the news does not give proper information, it does, but on stories that are of no importance what so ever or it is either extremely one-sided.

Stories about an elephant that has been born in a zoo are headliners, are paid the most attention, rather than stories of what is going on around us, what is happening within us. Ratings at the end of the day bring mass profit. Ratings are what drive all forms of media, instead of real news.

Peroration V Ft. Fatima- Floating Points


March 15, 2010

Sometimes, things are just staring at you right in the face, and you don’t notice until you actually stop to think. You realise that it’s right there, right in front of you.

Right in front of you.

Activa- Deerhunter

Black Dice

March 14, 2010

I want to be sitting in an open field not having a care in the world. Not having to worry about anything. This is unachievable though.  You are always filled with fear, filled with something to worry about, or something that will kill you. You cannot escape it.  

Death by cancer, death by global warming, death, death, death. Everything is a risk to your own life.  Knife crimes have risen, the streets are not safe at night, terrorists are going to terrorize our city. New diseases are out to kill us all.   


Glazin- Black Dice

Take Pills

March 13, 2010

take one day at a time
everything else you can leave behind
only one thing at a time
anything more really hurts your mind
i don’t want for us to
take pills
not that it’s bad
i don’t want for us to take pills
because we’re stronger
and we don’t need them

Get the Wax Tailor album ‘Tales of the Forgotten Melodies’

Nothing I say.

March 10, 2010


I was in the shed where in front of me layed a lifeless body which was covered in own blood. I panicked, my heart was beating faster then ever before, what will I do? Nobody was allowed to know what I had done, ever. 

The shed was a mess, covered in old useless things, things that were replaced and things that were never used. An old dusted rug was the perfect place for hiding. At this time of panic it seemed like the best idea. I rolled it up in the carpet, it made no sound, no struggle. Placed the carpet in the corner of the shed and closed the shed up. 

It was about 5 months later, we were moving out. Little questions were asked about the man who went missing, only “have you seen him lately?” i replied with a sharp answer, “no, he must have ran away”. There was no questioning in my answer, it seemed to have just been agreed that he ran away, no questions asked. 

I became worried about the body, someone is eventually going to go in the shed and find the body, I had to do something. The backyard had a ornamental sandbox that had a pirate theme to it, with a mini ship and a giant fake plastic skeleton sitting on top of the sand. I ventured into the shed, something I had not done since the day. The body was no longer, all that remained was bones, crumbled up together in a pile on the floor. I gathered them quickly, and ran to the sandbox. 

I dug furiously, as though I was in a rush to finally let this all go, the plastic skeleton head was staring at me as if he knew what I was doing, judging me. Suddenly behind me as i was covering up the bones of a man, I heard the voice from my mother saying “what are you doing in the sandbox?”….. I woke up


Shell Of Light- Burial 


March 8, 2010

Why the fuck not.

That’s my aim at the moment, try something different. Why not.

The weather this weekend, as much as it was intense, the feeling it gave off after reminded me of a few years back, a good feeling.

Good Girl- Panda Bear


March 5, 2010

Ah don’t you just love a long weekend. Don’t you just love being able to not do anything for a bit, nothing is forced of you and you can do what ever you feel like. Seeing faces that you haven’t seen in a while, meeting new faces. I love it.

Things feel like there is  change in life at the moment, good change, slowly but surely.

My music guru friend sent me Toro Y Moi, and trust me this album is something that you need. It’s amazing, and I usually say that about everything, but seriously, this shit is awesome. The album is Causers Of This. Get it.

It was hard for me to choose a song because literally every song is a gem. So I closed my eyes and pointed at the screen, “Freak Love” was chosen.


March 4, 2010

What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What somebody might think of something as complete and utter shit is something magical to another.
To narrow the mind to one side of a certain aspect of things, is not necessarily their own fault. It’s mostly due to their own beliefs of the subject. But ignorance is a major key into why people only see one side of the matter. Ignorance to not see treasure in what they think is trash. To not see talent into what they think is un-talented.

Think about what the other person might think of it. Think about the time, the effort, even if there was little effort, think of what impact it has had on the other person. Don’t ignore and disregard the fact that the trash, crap, talentless shit that you might think it is, actually made another person smile, another person inspired.

I am mainly referring to the popular music of our time, the top 40 tracks. T-pain, Kesha (with a $ sign),Rihanna, Owl City, so on and such, you get the jist. You might think it is all a bunch of crap, i personally don’t take much interest in the music itself, I don’t really enjoy it, as I think most of you would agree. But when people completely disregard this music and dub it as “talentless crap” and “nobody should listen to this shit, they are just consumed by the media, they are just listening to what they are told to” blah blah blah. Sure, you might think that, and you can keep thinking it. But, think about why it is so popular, think about why everyone knows that song. Clever marketing by the music business. Kudo’s to them I say, because in the end, people need to make a living somehow. People need money somehow. Also these top 40 songs are there for a reason, they are liked by the majority of the population. They might be complete crap to you but to others it is amazing. Music itself is a tool essentially, it can lift and drop people’s moods, it can influence people to change themselves, change their opinion on things. These are only basic examples, and I can keep going on forever to explain how music has an effect on people ect. Music is a tool. A very powerful one.

These are just my opinions, probably not expressed to its fullest. It is late and I just thought it needed to be said.