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The floodlight collective.

May 24, 2010

You are something different.

Astral Plane

May 18, 2010

What ever I do or say, the world still turns, continues.
What ever happens, there will still be a tomorrow.

Let’s not think about things that make us frown, or stressed.
Let’s try see every good quality, in everything.

Set your mind a haze, instead of seeing whats in front of you, see past it, filter out the norm.
Filter out the repetitiveness of normal life, let in the spiritual side.

See life for what it really is, rather than through a business suit.

the darkest side

May 10, 2010

Let us go out of this world, together.

let us find things that we never would of thought of before

let us lie down and watch life go by as music blows through the breeze.

let us be us.

Wooden Cave Loop- Lucky Dragons


May 5, 2010

Because the world is round, it turns me on.

I want to run to where the long grass is, where the sky is full, where life really is.
I want to laze around a fire, and find out everything about you.
I want to see new things, find new places that I’ve never seen before.

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry

Billie Holiday- Warpaint

When it rains it pours

May 2, 2010

What has happened.
We are defined by what we do,
where we go,
where we come from,
who we know,
what clothes we put on ourselves.
We are judged by all this and then either rejected or accepted.
This then makes us consumed by it all, we need a good job, we need to know the right people, we need to wear the right clothes to fit in.
Shouldnt we be looking at who we are?
Not what we are.

Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph- Flying Lotus