A bag of cash sits in front of me. glowing at me, tempting me to go and grab it.

I take the bait, I lean down to claim my prize but I notice in surprise that it jumps in front of me. I take a step forward and lean down again, and yet again, the bag of money jumps in front of me. Again, again, and yet again the same action occurs. I start to tire, I even start to become bored, there is no excitement in this. But the bag is so tempting, it’s basically become addictive. I need to have it, so I continue. With my mouth-watering, but with no real enjoyment out of it.  It is the only thing I concentrate on, getting that bag of money, but it still continues to be that one step away from me.

Suddenly, I stop. Finally, I have given up. I look behind me to see thousands upon thousands of others who are going for that same bag, with the same face of need as I had when chasing after it. I stop to look at the left and right of me. Forests, grass, sun. And I look where the bag was heading, grey, black, dark. I then look at myself, aged and depressed. 40 years I have been chasing this bag.

I have been cheated.

I have been lied to.


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