Having that feeling of being completely one with yourself and another, their very presence sends a feeling as though you are naked in a forest, with all the trees, the dampness, the green, the air, and the wind slightly pressing against your body. You feel comfortable, you feel as though this is meant to be. This is right.
Auras combine. They dance with each other under the night sky, they flirt with each other, tease one another, and form into one.
When touched, the vibrations and meaning are easily seen floating around you. When looking into the other, you can see their thoughts, as though it were a picture book, each image as intricate and beautiful as the next.

You ascend beyond the physical world, holding hands you float away to another world, together, all is right, all is calm, all is comfortable, all is right.

Cone Realm ft. Gifted & Blessed- Afta-1


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